Ginny's Healthy Kitchen: Food & Nuturition Workshops With Foodshaala Foundation
Ginny's Healthy Kitchen: Food & Nuturition Workshops With Foodshaala Foundation
  • Ginny's Healthy Kitchen: Food & Nuturition Workshops With Foodshaala Foundation
  • Ginny's Healthy Kitchen: Food & Nuturition Workshops With Foodshaala Foundation
Ginny's Healthy Kitchen: Food & Nuturition Workshops With Foodshaala Foundation
Summer Activities
₹ 2,500
Jun 13, 2023  5:30 AM - Jun 17, 2023  7:30 AM
Theatre Kunzum At: KUNZUM BOOKS M60, First Floor, M Block Market Greater Kailash II, New Delhi 110048 Directions: Located near the exit of the market Location Pin: https://bit.ly/3xemm6A
Product Description

Join Us for a Food & Nutrition Workshop

What: Nutrients, Balanced Plate, Unjunking Food, Non-Fire Cooking & Practice

When: 13-17 June

Day: Tuesday to Saturday

Time: 11 am - 1 pm.

Age group: 8-12 years

Fees: Rs. 2500/- per participant (including all the material )

Who will we meet? : Foodshaala Foundation Team: Raadhika, Amit, & Purnima

What will happen in Ginny's Healthy Kitchen?

  1. Why do we need food
  2. Understanding macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fats and water)
  3. Understanding micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)
  4. Balanced plate
  5. Junk food
  6. Label reading
  7. Unjunking your food

All sessions will include a live cooking activity (ingredients will be provided by Foodshaala Foundation).

Learning materials and recipes will be shared (soft copies) after the sessions.

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Who are the experts leading Ginny's Healthy Kitchen?

Raadhika Gupta is a lawyer passionate about working for social change. She started Foodshaala Foundation with the vision of a world where every person is able to make healthy food a part of their daily life. Committed to leading an active, healthy, and happy life herself, her daily routine includes meditation, yoga, workout, and healthy eating. She also plays the flute in her free time.

Amit Gupta is passionate about two things often seen as contradictory – food and fitness. An avid cook and a foodie, he loves experimenting with food. But he is also a fitness enthusiast and has completed numerous triathlons and marathons. Combining these two passions, he founded Native Roots and Foodshaala Foundation. Amit is an MBA graduate from XLRI-Jamshedpur, a former Teach for India fellow, and a nutritionist.

Dr. Purnima is a public health professional and a dentist. She manages the school nutrition awareness program at Foodshaala Foundation and conducts workshop sessions for children. While pursuing Bachelor's in Dental Surgery, she realized that there is a lack of awareness of health among community members, especially among people belonging to underprivileged backgrounds. Realizing the importance of awareness in ensuring health, Purnima became more involved in educating people about good health practices than in doing treatments and pursued Masters's in Public Health. She has done grassroots-level nutritional awareness and behavior change work in the remotest parts of India. She believes that bringing a small change in the community can make a huge difference.

Why should you consider these summer workshops?

Do you want to give children a unique summer experience that is not just fun and engaging but also builds life skills for a global world? Through these summer workshop sessions, kids will develop confidence, creativity, life skills, and empathy for people as well as the planet!

Delivered by experts from diverse fields, our Summer Workshop Series is the perfect balance of learning, engagement, and fun. It is a chance for children to experiment, be creative, build confidence, and be challenged to achieve different skills in a low-stress, enjoyable learning environment.

How big is the workshop venue? Can children with disabilities attend?

The workshops are taking place in a well-lit, clean hall of Theatre Kunzum, at M Block Market, GK2, New Delhi. This venue can easily accommodate 100 people. We are keeping the number much lower per workshop so that children have enough space to move around and work.

We welcome all children to join, including children with disabilities.

There is a lift/elevator to reach Theatre Kunzum once you enter the building. However, we apologize for the fact that there are 2-4 steps at the entry which are a barrier for a wheelchair user. The toilet attached to Theatre Kunzum is also not accessible for wheelchair users.

We hope these barriers will be overcome when we do this event again.

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