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Color Ginny's World: A Coloring book for Children

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Color Ginny's World: The first colouring book from Ginny's Planet ! This is surely not your usual coloring book as it has been designed with diversity in mind.

Who is Ginny? Ginny is a 4-yr-old girl. She loves rain and jumping in puddles! Ginny has a radial club hand. She has a total of 9 fingers in her hands. Her right arm is shorter than the left arm. She wears spectacles and keeps exploring the world around her!

Why this book?

1. To help you trigger conversations on diversity and disability.

2. To bring you facts related to Ginny, & other persons with disabilities in a simple language.

3. To generate curiosity among children about diverse people and things.

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The Team that worked on this book Dr. Shweta Verma, Jessica Gomes, Shivam Soni, Hemang Wason

Ginny's Planet is building a world where nobody feels like an odd-one-out! And where being different is Okay! We simplify & nurture conversations on empathy, diversity, and disability through our dolls, puppets, stories, workshops, and more!

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