Home"Make your own Ginny" : Doll making steps
"Make your own Ginny" : Doll making steps

"Make your own Ginny" : Doll making steps

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Ginny is a girl who loves to explore, plays football, loves the rain and many other things. She has a radial club hand and wears spectacles. Guess what? You can make doll Ginny on your own!

"Make your own Ginny" workshops are 90 minutes of fun and creativity. In these 90 minutes, you hear Ginny's story [ a different one each time], make Ginny doll from everyday material, engage in conversations on Ginny and the diversity of human bodies, and imagine many things together! In this illustrated document, you will see the steps to making a Ginny doll using a plastic bottle. Try to make your own Ginny!

Ginny doll is also available on this online store if you want to buy one.

Are you a teacher? Educators Kit on Diversity helps schools and educators enable life skills of respect for diversity & inclusion among children! A great tool to begin building a world where being different is OK and nobody is odd-one-out!

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Ginny's Planet nurtures empathy, respect for diversity, & spirit of inquiry through workshops, dolls, stories, and responsible products. Know more: Website

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