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Ginny (Children Book- English)
  • Ginny (Children Book- English)
  • Ginny (Children Book- English)
  • Ginny (Children Book- English)

Ginny (Children Book- English)

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Product Description

Paperback edition.

We are introducing Ginny and diverse aspects of her life in this book. Ginny has a radial Club Hand. Therefore, her right arm is different from the left. She has 9 fingers, wears spectacles to manage her vision problem and a brace to support her right arm. This book includes a note for parents and teachers on how to trigger conversations with children on diversity. Ginny is one of the lead character in the story series being developed by Ginny's Planet.

The book is also available in combo offers.

Don't forget to check "What Ginny Reads" here: https://bit.ly/3dR2ga2

It is a weekly series where we present one book every Tuesday evening, give you a glimpse and tell you why it is a great book! The books covered in this series are from across India and the world. 

Ginny's Planet nurtures empathy, respect for diversity, & spirit of inquiry through workshops, dolls, stories, and responsible products. Know more: www.ginnysplanet.com

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