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Ginny Fridge Magnet with Ginny Booklet

Ginny Fridge Magnet with Ginny Booklet

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Ginny's Magnet is the easiest way to bring Ginny home and start those conversations on Diversity! Plus, it looks great on any space!

Each pack comes with : Ginny Fridge Magnet + Ginny Booklet introducing her + Bookmark 'Being Different Is Ok'

From the makers of Ginny Doll- It is a handmade fridge magnet. Buy a product of Ginny's Planet for yourself or someone you love and care about; and if you agree with the thought that children (& people!) should be accepted and valued for who they are!

Who is Ginny? Ginny is a four-year-old girl who loves to explore, plays football, and loves the rain. She has nine fingers, a radial club hand, and wears spectacles. 

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About Ginny's Planet

Ginny's Planet started its journey in 2019 with the objective of simplifying and triggering the conversations on diversity, empathy, disability, and inquiry. We do this through dolls, puppets, stories, workshops, and conversations.
Our vision is to build a world where nobody feels like the odd-one-out, where imperfections are believed to be a part of living in this world, and disability is considered as a part of human diversity.

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