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Product Description

Buy a Ginny Doll for yourself or someone else if you want to spread the message of human diversity and agree with the thoughts that: Imperfections are part of us and our everyday life children (& people!) should be accepted and valued for who they are!

Ginny doll comes with a handbook to introduce children to Ginny and spread the idea: Being Different Is OK!

Watch This https://youtu.be/kOMj9AiamF0

Who is Ginny? It is a handmade doll, approximately 14.5 inches in height. Ginny has a radial club hand. Therefore, her right hand and arm is different from the left arm. Do you know she has 9 fingers? Ginny wears specs to manage problems with her vision. Know more about her here: https://www.ginnysplanet.com/ginnys-world/

Ginny is one of the lead characters in the story series being developed by Ginny’s Planet. Ginny Doll has been designed by Ginny's Planet and manufactured by women associated with Svatanya- a social enterprise working on empowering underprivileged women.

Height of the Ginny Doll: approx. 14.5 inches.

FAQs about Ginny Doll

  1. Why is Ginny wearing specs? : Ginny has problems in her vision. Spectacles help her see clearly.
  2. Why is Ginny wearing a brace on her right hand? : The brace helps in supporting the wrist and keeping the hand in a straight position. Ginny has a radial club hand. Radial club hands can be of various kinds. But for Ginny, it meant that she had a thumb in her right hand, which was not functional. Hence, it had to be removed. Her index figure was then converted into a thumb through a surgery. Therefore she has 4 fingers in the right hand. Along with this, one of her bones in the right arm was short and slightly curved. This bone was straightened through a surgery.
  3. Does Ginny experience discomfort and pain when she wears brace on her right hand? : Brace (or cast - if you want to call it) is part of Ginny’s life. It is like her spectacles. It helps her manage things better. It does not cause her pain or discomfort. But yes, since Ginny is a growing child, the size of the brace has to change too. So, just like you wear new or bigger shoes when you are taller, Ginny has to wear a different sized brace as she grows. If she wears smaller brace that does not fit (just like wearing small shoes!), it will cause pain and discomfort.
  4. Is Ginny available in different skin colors and hairstyles? : Not really. Ginny is a person. Her skin color has not changed. Her hairstyle might change as she grows and decides to change it. But, at present, the length of her hair is what you see. There will be other versions of the doll as she grows.
  5. Is Ginny a real person? : We can surely say that Ginny is not based on imagination! Ginny and her stories are based on real people. Radial club hand is a real condition. And many children do wear spectacles!
  6. Why does a Ginny Doll cost this much? : Ginny doll is handmade. Women who have made it have been paid a fair wage for their work. Therefore, the production cost for us is not very low. As a social enterprise, Ginny’s Planet collaborates with other social enterprises to support their cause. When you buy a Ginny Doll, you also express your support for sustaining livelihoods of people engaged with these social enterprises!
  7. Is it washable? : Yes, you can wash the doll with hands. Please do not use washing machine or its drier.
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