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Gift Pack by Ginny's Planet

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In 2023, this pack is coming in a new avatar with the following products in a box made for Ginny's Planet by TARAgram (a social enterprise strengthening livelihoods for Sahariya Tribal women and other marginalized groups in Bundelkhand) :

  1. Ginny Mug- A beautiful mug with an illustration of Ginny and our tagline: Being Different is ok! Ginny is a 4 yr old girl with a radial club hand. She loves rain and plays football. Ginny is the first doll with a disability in India and is an easy trigger for conversations on diversity.
  2. Ginny booklet to introduce Ginny to the world- from Ginny's Planet
  3. Face Wash Bar (90 gm) with all-natural probiotics, Vegan, and suitable for all ages and skin types. By Goli Soda, an enterprise offering products for sustainable living
  4. 200 gm homemade chocolates.
  5. Two Sparrow Book Marks made especially for Ginny's Planet by TARAgram. TARAgram innovated waste-to-wealth piper recycling technology to promote a sustainable lifestyle through the use of recycled and rescued products exclusively handcrafted using eco-friendly handmade paper produced by Sahariya Tribal women and other marginalized groups in Bundelkhand (Central India) proceeds from the sale of this product help sustain the livelihood of this group.
  6. 1 Soy wax candle from Uboontu Foundation. Uboontu crafts aim to support women from underprivileged backgrounds.
  7. Bright and Colorful Paper Mache Candles (Box shape) from Society for Child Development. These are made by persons with disabilities.
  8. 2 Face Masks made of cotton- by Brahmaputra Fables, and Parcham

Ginny's Planet, a social enterprise, is building a world where being different is ok! Know more about Ginny's Planet: www.ginnysplanet.com

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