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There is something about Ginny: Storybook

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The latest story of 8 yr old Ginny was launched in Feb 2023! Order now to get your copy!

What is special about this story?

Ginny is a busy girl! She is fun-loving and curious.

Ginny was born with many physical challenges. She has a radial club hand. She manages with nine fingers. She needs to wear thick heavy spectacles to see well. Ginny needs to wear a brace to support her wrist.

Meeting new people, especially older ones, makes Ginny anxious!

Find out what happened with Ginny in this story!

Written in Hindi by: Vinita Krishna

Vinita Krishna expresses her love for children in many ways.

She is a writer, storyteller, and a special educator. Her special tactile books have won her national and international acclaim. She is co-leading the initiative: Aate Bate Tales-an audio podcast of stories from children’s literature.

Translated from Hindi to English by: Manisha Chaudhry

Illustrated by: Suvidha Mistry

Suvidha Mistry is an avid traveler and wishes to explore the many paths that lead to her dreams. Long drives give her new ideas, dazzling memories and a bag full of textured stones and twigs. When she’s not introducing children to the world of art, she is playing with her cat.

She also keeps busy tending to her terrace garden and the community gardens in her neighborhood which she has designed and developed. Suvidha has illustrated books for leading publishing houses in India.

Published by Ginny's Planet

Ginny’s Planet is a social enterprise that is building a world where being different is ok! Ginny, her stories, and various conversations and workshops are helping in making this planet one that has empathy, diversity, and inclusion at its core.

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