Winter Festival 2022: Gift a spot to Partner NGOs of Ginny's Planet
Winter Festival 2022: Gift a spot to Partner NGOs of Ginny's Planet_Gift To Partner NGOs of Ginny's Planet
Winter Festival 2022: Gift a spot to Partner NGOs of Ginny's Planet
Workshops & Events
₹ 600
Dec 10, 2022,
4:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Online on Zoom. The joining link will be shared with our Partner NGO for the sponsored spots. Please leave the fields blank for questions below, or write NA
Product Description

Ginny's Planet is back with an online festival for children! Come for half a day on Ginny's Planet at the Winter Festival! Catch the conversations and activities on diversity, and rights. Gift a spot to children from our Partner NGOs!

1 Ticket= 2 children from Partner NGOs of Ginny's Planet

Age: 5-10 years old.

When: 10 Dec, 9:30 am onwards till lunch

Mode: Online on Zoom

What will happen?

9:30 am: Suraksha Aur Adhikaar: A Story Session With Divya Didi

10:15 am: Freedom To Be!: Session with Kanika Kush

11:00 am: Let’s Dress Up The Christmas Tree (Making Christmas ornaments): With Kokila & Rishab (BGCT Team)

12:00: Make Your Ginny! - With Bhoomi & Shweta

1:00 pm: Spin The Yarn: With Ginny & Shweta

Each session is of 30-45 minutes duration to keep the optimum engagement of children.

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Ginny, a 4 yr old with a radial club hand loves rain and football.

About Resource Persons for Winter Fest:

About Divya: Dr. Divya Vaishnava wears many hats and her all-time favourite hat is the one she wears with children- of a storyteller. She brings ‘suraksha ki kaksha, divya didi ke saath’ today on Ginny’s planet and talks about how acquiring knowledge about their rights is an important part of their journey. She is the founder Director of BUD Foundation (Bachche- Unki Duniya). BUD dreams of a safe, Inclusive, and happy world for all children and believes that prevention of abuse is possible.

About Kanika: Kanika Kush is an Artist and an NLP practitioner. She conducts sessions for children on values like empathy, tolerance, bullying, compassion, etc. She's also taken up an initiative called the 'Voice of Silence' that provides a platform for people to come and share their silent stories and convey their messages of change for the world, for the better. She's also a practicing Minimalist and shares whatever she can with everyone about this topic.

About Kokila: Kokila is a senior vocational trainer who works in the Digital Skill training Unit at Pragati Towards Livelihood. She brings 8 years of experience in this field and dedicates her time and skills to help young adults to learn Digital skills. She trains young adults in workstations and prepares them for employment. She is hard-working, very punctual, and a taskmaster.

About Rishabh: Rishabh is 20 years old and is a trainee at Pragati Towards Livelihood, the vocational training arm of BGCT, Bangalore. Rishabh has received his certification from RASCI (Retail Association Skill Council of India) to work as a Retail Associate and is now preparing for an Internship at Amazon. Rishabh enjoys hand block printing and creating Mosaic art products. He has an eye for detail and also getting trained in Digital tools.

About Shweta: Shweta is building a world where being different is ok. She is a social entrepreneur & a social work professional. She is Ph.D. (Social Work) in resilience & has two decades of work experience in the field of disability rights & mental health. Shweta is co-founder of Ginny's Planet- a social enterprise that spreads empathy, respect for diversity, the spirit of inquiry, and inclusive practices.

About Bhoomi: Bhoomi is an enthusiastic, warm, and open-minded person who is also a life-long learner. She is engaged with Ginny's Planet as a Training Coordinator. Apart from completing a course on storytelling from STEAM, she is also Yoga Trainer + has completed a course in design.

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